Reading Log #3 The Intouchables

AS 90854 Reading Record Sheet – Draft Ideas 2018  ‘Highly Recommended’

Student Name:  Christina Lamb

Text Title: The Intouchables 

Author/Director:  Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano

Text Type (circle): Visual text

Date Finished: 24th May 

Brief outline of plot (2-3 sentences):  

Based in Paris, a rich man with a disease that requires a live-in caretaker surprisingly hires a young man. Throughout the movie, they develop a close friendship even though they are complete opposites.

What theme/s are addressed in the text? How is the theme explored in this text? Use specific examples/quotes

One of the two main themes addressed in this visual text is not to judge a book by its cover. Meaning that we shouldn’t judge a person by their looks because there is much more to them than what we see, people often show us what they want us to see they hide the bad and show off the good in most cases. In The Intouchables Philippe didn’t judge Driss by his looks when he first walked in for the interview, instead, he gave him a chance and offered him the job because he knew that Driss has more potential than what he could see in himself. Same goes for Driss, he didn’t see Philippe as an opportunity to improve the resume or a way to get easy money, instead, he saw that he needed a friend and that’s what he became… Philippe’s friend. The second theme is the things that can come out of risk-taking. For example, when Driss first walked in for the interview he didn’t sit down he came just to get the signature and intended on leaving and not getting the job, but Phillipe took a risk knowing that Driss had no experiences in caregiving after a handicapped person and wasn’t successful at his previous three jobs. At the end of the movie both of their risk-taking proved the good things that can come out of it, in this case, they formed a lifelong friendship.

How does this text connect with the rest of the world (socially, culturally, politically, historically) Use specific examples/quotes


How/What does this text teach us/you about society and the world we live in (setting/themes/characters/plot) Use specific examples/quotes

This text teache sus that

How/does this text connect to your personal experiences or viewpoints?

Explain why you would recommend this text (writing style/ideas/structure/language features used) Use specific examples/quotes


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