Reading Log # 1 Hard Rock (complete)

AS 90854 Reading Record Sheet – Draft Ideas 2018 ‘Highly Recommended’

Student Name: Christina Lamb

Text Title: Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane

Author/Director:  Etheridge Knight

Text Type (circle): Other Written Text

Date Finished:  13th February 

 A crazy prisoner: Hard Rock got brain surgery to be tamed. The other prisoners describe what he was like and how he got treated. He was the only one fighting the system.

The author is trying to give us an insight into what actually happens, how they get treated.”Like a freshly gelded stallion.” The author also describes the slave’s fears and how it is a hard system to get out of. “The fears of years, like a biting whip had cut deep bloody grooves.” This represents how the years of slavery will forever haunt them and will always be a part of them physically and mentally.

 This text connects to the world because it makes us realize that we live in a very isolated but safe environment compared to America. It also connects to the recent events that happened in America when the white policemen were shooting black people. This just shows that although slavery is history, America is still not an equal country and black people aren’t safe compared to other parts of the world.

This text doesn’t really connect with my personal experiences but I think it is unfair how people are treated because of their race. America has proved to be the worst nation at accepting everyone, it is very shocking and upsetting reading headlines of white policemen shooting black people for no valid reason, this is not a problem that the world can avoid as everyone should have the right to be who they are and everyone should be accepted.

Explain why you would recommend this text (writing style/ideas/structure/language features used) Use specific examples/quotes:

I would recommend this text because it is eye opening and makes you realise that not everything is as good as it may seem, there are people out there that have gone through much worse things than us people in Wanaka losing a phone or falling over skiing, we live in such an isolated place and this text will definitely make you realise that we are very privileged and lucky unlike most people.

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